Driver Updater Software

Have you ever seen a pop-up screen saying that you need to update your drivers on your computer?  It will generally say that Somename Driver Updater has detected that your need to update your drivers and to click UPDATE NOW to install. These programs can sneak onto your computer without your knowledge while you are downloading something else from the internet.  Look for a bit of text with a checkmark already checked giving permission to include them in the download. 

If you see this type of pop-up, I recommend that you decline the driver updates as they are not all legitimate and could possibly harm your computer. 

Running a Malwarebytes scan on your computer regularly, should catch these Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). Malwarebytes is an anti-malware program that you can use on your computer for free to keep these types of programs out.  It’s already on most computers that Robert or I have worked on. 

Any driver updates should come from your computer’s manufacturer.  Dell, HP, Acer etc. all have Support Assistant programs that will check your computer for any needed driver updates.  Give me a call if in doubt about any messages that pop up on your computer.  Manufacturer drivers and Windows updates are both done when I do tune ups on your pcs.

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