Windows 10 Tips

This week let’s try a few Windows 10 features that may speed up your productivity.

You already know about pinning programs, like Word or Email to your Task Bar by right-clicking a program name on your Start Menu and selecting “Pin to taskbar”.  You can also access frequently used files, such as your family budget from those pins.

Let’s use Excel as an example.  With Excel pinned to your taskbar already, right-click the Excel Icon on your task bar.  A jump-list will pop up showing your most recently opened Excel files.  Look for the name of your file that you don’t want to lose track of – FamilyBudget for example.  Hover your mouse over the name of that file in the jump-list.  You will see a pin icon on the right.  Click on the pin.  Your file will now move to the top of your jump-list so that you can always find it without searching through your files. You can pin multiple files to this list.

You can also pin your favorite website to the task bar.  If you are using Microsoft Edge, open your web site and click on the three dots at the top right of your browser window.  Towards the bottom of the drop-down list you will see an option to “Pin this page to the taskbar”.  If you are using Chrome, there are a few more steps. Click on the three dots, select “More Tools” from the drop-down menu then select “Create Shortcut” then click “Create”.  A shortcut to your page will be placed on your desktop.  You can right click the shortcut that was created and “Pin to taskbar”.

You can easily remove a pin by right clicking on the program or webpage icon and selecting “Unpin from taskbar”.

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