Windows Updates

Have you been wondering whether or not you should be doing Windows Updates.  Yes, you should.  While Microsoft does some updates automatically.  There are some that you much manually initiate. 

Once a month, Microsoft puts out new updates.  They include latest fixes to the Windows 10 operating system, security improvements and sometimes updated drivers that your computer may need.  Installing these updates help keep your computer secure.  You can look for the monthly updates after the second Tuesday of the month.

Installing the updates is easy, just be patient with it as some updates take longer than others to install.  Your internet speed will also affect how fast your updates download.  Also be aware that some updates require you to reboot/restart your computer for the update to complete.  It is ALWAYS a good idea to Restart your computer after installing an update.

To look for new updates, go to Settings/Update & Security and Windows Update.  Sometimes there is already an update in progress, or one waiting for you to Install or Download.  If not, you will see a button labeled CHECK FOR UPDATES.  Select it and Windows will look to see if there are any updates available for downloading.  When it is finished, Restart your computer.

If in doubt about any updates, give me a call!

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