What’s my password?

Keeping track of our passwords can be a real test on our memories. Many of us have notebooks that we keep our passwords in.  These work great if they are updated when we change passwords.  What if you just can’t find or remember your password?  Most web sites give the option to reset your password.  This is an option and can get you out of a jam so you can access your accounts again.

Before you change your password though, you can look to your browser to see if your passwords have been saved.  Internet Explorer, Edge, and Chrome all have the capabilities to save your frequently used passwords.  You’ve probably seen the little box that pops up offering to save your password for you.  If you opt to save them, they are stored in your browser’s settings. 

On Internet Explorer and the new Microsoft Edge, click on the three little dots at the far top right of your browser window and click on “Settings”.  Select “Passwords” and you will see a list of sites that has saved your password. To the right, there is an icon that looks like an eye, click on it to see your password for the web site.

For Chrome, again, click on the three dots, select Settings, and under Autofill, you will see “Passwords”. Click on the eye symbol to reveal your password.

Saving your passwords on your home computer is a good way to keep track of your passwords, however, never save your passwords on a computer that you don’t have control over, such as at the library or a friend’s house.  You can see how easy it is to get your password from your browser and you don’t want to take a chance that anyone can access your bank account or other personal information.

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