Windows 10 Mail

For those of you who use the built in Windows 10 Mail App for email, you may have noticed it taking a long time to load up.

Look at your Inbox, Sent, and Deleted mail folders.  If you have a lot of emails stored in these folders, this can cause your email to open slowly.  All these old emails must load before your mail application will open.

When you delete an old email, it gets stored in your Deleted mail folder until you go into that folder and delete it again.  Seems redundant but by doing it this way you have another chance to retrieve something that you may have deleted accidentally.  Open your Deleted mail folder and take a second look to make sure you meant to delete these emails and then delete them permanently from your mailbox.

Then look through your Sent mail folder and Inbox and delete out what you don’t need keep.  I tend to store a lot of mail in my Inbox simply because I’m looking at my mail in a hurry and don’t take the time to delete incoming mail after I read it.

If you have a large number of emails that need deleted, it may be more efficient to log into your email from to delete them instead of deleting them through the App.  The advantage here is that you can checkmark multiple emails and delete them all at once.  You can also checkmark all emails in your Deleted folder with one click then click the DELETE key on your keyboard to clear out your Deleted folder.

Taking the time to go through old emails regularly will speed up your Mail App loading time and will keep you more organized as well.  I think I will do that right now!

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